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ASEAN & Thailand’s Only Regional Automotive Industry Directory

The most comprehensive resource available for sourcing components and parts from Southeast Asia’s quality automotive manufacturers

Your company’s presence in the ASEAN & Thailand Automotive Industry Directory 2017-2018 means you have a presence in the industry, a critical factor in today’s highly competitive market. Global buyers rely on definitive resources like ASEAN & Thailand Automotive Industry Directory 2017-2018 to guide their sourcing decisions. ASEAN & Thailand Automotive Industry Directory 2017-2018 makes it easy for buyers to find what they want with a well-organized, easy-to-navigate structure. And this means it’s easier to find your company and your products.

And we make our directory available on a CD, too: convenient for users to carry with them and to key-word search for what they need. Using the power and reach of the Internet, our Media Overseas website is the first place buyers look when sourcing automotive products. You can link your website to the Media Overseas website and display your advertisement, becoming part of an online community that will give your company exposure through the latest e-business media.

ASEAN & Thailand Automotive Industry Directory 2017-2018 covers:

Useful Business and Economic Information
Automotive market In Asean: New challenges
Asean’s best automotive industry investment opportunity
Thailand, ASEAN, changing the market future

ASEAN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY REPORT - Building a regional base serving ASEAN and beyond
Moves into major regional role
Builds on established industry
Automotive market trends
Prepares to supply growing market
Growing number of market players
Investment opportunities study

Automobile/Motorcycle Industry Report

Company Profiles – Alphabetical listings by company name include all the key information
Components and parts manufacturers
Forgings, molds, and dies suppliers
Manufacturing machinery, equipment, and tools suppliers
Computer equipment suppliers
Engineering tools suppliers
Quality system registrars
Exporters and importers

ASEAN & Thailand Automotive Industry Directory 2017-2018 is a 1-stop, user-friendly reference, including:

Expertly-printed product display advertisements.
A complete table of contents showing all the key sections.
Three page-referenced alphabetical indexes: Auto parts, motorcycle parts, and companies.
Companies are listed in alphabetical order with all the key information needed.
Plus a guide to online automotive industry information.

ASEAN & Thailand Automotive Industry Directory 2017-2018 will present your company in a professional manner that instills respect and trust, which is indispensable to achieving and maintaining a significant commercial presence. Make sure your company stays on the road to success.

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